Welcome to the OVEL universe.


Since the beginning of time, humanity has struggled to understand its environment in order to control it.


Despite being able to travel into space and planning a mission to Mars, today we are not able to descend to the bottom of the oceans of our own planet.


The ocean, thus, is our last frontier. It represents our origin and our future.


OVEL has been completely dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for Professional scuba diving since 1998. The 5th of July 2011, OVEL has broken the diving world record with an immersion lasting 10 hours at minus 330 metres. On that day, the diver was wearing the very first OVEL Watch, the Gand Prix. 


The record remains inviolate in such conditions and, to this day, no other watch has been as deep on the arm of an unassisted diver.


In 2011, OVEL completely devoted its efforts to creating timepieces with a strong DNA and an ambitious plan: design, develop and manufacture watches with character, at the same time accurate, reliable and sturdy


OVEL is a run by a small group of passionate devotees of fine watchmaking. Our mission is to create technically accomplished watches without marketing's diktats and also without belonging to a school of thought or a story already written. Moreover OVEL is probably the only watch brand to have no Marketing Department by choice!


That is why we are eager to learn and experience the wisdom of many adventurers, being they civilian or military, known or anonymous, that rely on OVEL as a trusty companion in their quest to discovery above or below water, at the antipodes or near home.


The elite operators of the Commandos of the Marine Nationale, the members of GIGN Intervention Force, the operators of the Command Special Ops, the Vendee Globe and Jaques skipps, the racing drivers of the 24h of Le Mans, they all support and participate in the development of our watches and their constant improvement together with our watchmakers. This is OVEL expertise and philosophy at work.


OVEL is not intended as a brand for the mass market. You will not find our timepieces in every department store, jewellers' shop chains, airports ... you can discover them in true horology connoisseurs shops and watch specialists, you will find them in the locations at the avant-garde of fashion and in those shops for whom being different is a Lifestyle.


Authenticity, innovation, experience and independence ... Our values are our strength.


I would like to invite you to discover the OVEL universe through this website.


Assembled by master watch makers, engineered for champions: for more than 10 years, OVEL watches have combined ultimate precision with ingenious solutions – even for the most demanding activities: be it above or below the water surface, in the eternal ice or even on glowing desert sand, any timing instrument from OVEL carrying the legendary hourglass logo will meet even the highest demands of its owner. One of the reasons and at the same time one of Edox strength lies in the construction and build quality of our watch cases: from additional case-backs, ultra-complex cases to patented crown seals and guards, Edox has truly mastered the art of bringing together function and design. Or in other words: engineering a watch case consisting of up to 20 single components is probably the best proof of how serious we are when it comes to accomplishing perfection in every detail. Which means that as an owner of an Edox you will ultimately benefit from more robustness, quality and increased comfort.